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eBook review: “The Crab Who Wanted to Be a Dolphin” by Valerie Harmon

valerie harmon

Crab is always cranky, lonely and sad. She believes that she is unhappy because she is not a dolphin. When she decides to become one, she starts asking around: what exactly does one need to do around here to become a dolphin? 

The little Crab does not realize that dolphins are born and not made. 

Nevertheless, Crab starts working towards fulfilling her dream. Dolphin, her new friend, gives her some tips and sends her on a couple of missions that could help her achieve her goal. 

Along this self-discovery trip, Crab learns about Gratitude and about the good things that are present in her crabby little life and finally understands that to be happy, the change needs to happen on the inside and not in the world surrounding us.

Valerie’s book is illustrated by Carol Stevens, and both the prose and the illustrations are very professional. 

This book is recommended for children ages 4-8 who need to learn the basics of positive thinking and also that the most important changes must happen within us if we wish to live happily ever after.  

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