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eBook review: “101 Text Messages Parents Need to Know Now” by Tor Constantino

Tor Constantino

“101 Text Messages”, written by Tor Constantino is a small eBook that deciphers for parents and guardians those cryptic messages that our teens are exchanging over their phones.

The book also shares some interesting numbers and gives us an inside peek into this phenomenon. For example, Tor tells us that one in three teens sends more than 100 text messages a day. That amounts to more than 3,000 texts in a month!

It’s no secret that with all that heavy exchange of ideas, teens have created a special language not only to type less, but also to have more privacy. Unfortunately, many messages carry a heavy sexual tone.

Tor created this book, not for teens, but for their parents to understand these new acronyms and to be prepared, in case we find them.

And kids are not really saying LOL anymore.

Apparently, they are typing things like MOS, GYPO or LMIRL.

Are you familiar with any of those? I know I wasn’t.

So, I definitely don’t recommend violating the privacy of teens and reading their phone messages without their knowledge or consent.

But I do recommend reading the book to be familiar with some of the possible challenges that your son or daughter may be facing today.

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