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eBook review: Welcome to Lily’s room by Barbara Miller

Barbara Miller


“Welcome to Lily’s room” is the first of 7 books written by Barbara Miller featuring Lily, a nice little girl who spends a lot of her time playing with Bunny Rabbit, one of her favorite toys, and Josephine, her cat.

Lily´s small world is a sweet tiny place with little or no conflict where she spends her time playing, using her imagination, and most of all, being happy. So are her books.

While some people have been very critical of the first book, claiming there is not a major problem that the main character is compelled to solve, I am comfortable with it. I believe this is a book aimed at small girls and I don´t think that every book that a child reads has to have a major struggle that gets resolved at the end. Some stories, particularly the ones for children, can be safe places where one can retreat to relax and dream for a while, and this book seems to be just that for little gals.

The art done by Inga Shalvashvili is very colorful and professional.

This is a nice book if you want to relax for about ten minutes with your young one.

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