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eBook Review: Jump! by Julia Dweck

jump! by Julia Dweck

 Julia Dweck really has to stop doing this to me.

Every time she has a new book, I declare “This is my favourite Julia Dweck book… ever!” I manage to stay put for a while and then along she comes with a new book, and I make a fool of myself proclaiming: “No, no, no. This is the one: This is my favourite Julia Dweck book…ever!”

I have to draw the line somewhere, so today I am announcing that “Jump!” is my favourite Julia Dweck book…ever.

Yes, I know my favourite was Where are the dinos?” Those were adorable: little dinosaurs shopping and driving and doing all these cool things. I said, and I still maintain, that the word needs to have these little cute dinos as toys. I am still waiting to buy one to put on my desk.

But… “Jump!” has an unbeatable message that “Where are the dinos?” lacks: that a crisis is an opportunity in disguise; that you can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself and that once that you have gone there, nothing will ever be the same.

The message is conveyed in an easy way for children to understand, yet, full of enough charisma to appeal to grownups.

And the illustrations done by Brian Allen are simply amazing!

So, I am saying it now (this has to stop at some point, Julia): “Jump!” is my favourite Julia Dweck book ever!

The book is available now in Amazon: read it, have a big smile and think hard and long about your life and your goals.



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Where are the Dinos? By Julia Dweck


(La reseña en Español está en la parte inferior)

I will boldly state that “Where are the Dinos?” is Julia Dweck´s best book so far.

Don’t get me wrong. I have had the privilege of reading all of these titles written by her:

  • Pandora´s box,
  • Zombie-Kids,
  • Zombie-Kids go green and
  • Beewitched

Still, her last book is the one that I love the most.  Why is that?

There are several reasons:

  • For starters, we all love dinosaurs. Having said that, it is important to note that not every book with a dinosaur in it is an instant hit. It is a subject as hard as any other, but the authors tackled it very successfully.
  • If dinosaurs are fun, Julia´s dinos are even better: they go to the mall; they hold swimming pool parties and they dance romantically at fancy restaurants. Not everything is perfect though. Just as most of us, they seem to have some problems at the gym class.
  • The drawings done by Bob Ostrom are simply awesome. I think Bob and Julia would have a great success if they decided to make dino-toys. If they manage to make them as cute as the ones in the book, I am getting me a Polka-Dot Tricera-Tops! Sorry, if you want to find out what a Polka-Dot Tricera-Tops is, you will need to read the book.
  • Finally, for me personally, Julia´s text is better than ever! It is very easy to read, with a wonderful rhythm and very funny.

Some time ago, I did like the fact that we had a second part to the Zombie-kids book. I am now waiting for the second part of Julia’s Dinos book. I am also waiting for the Zombie-kids/Dinos crossover book.

In short, Julia seems to be an endless source of great ideas put in rhymes.

We are all waiting for your next book, Julia. In the meantime, we will pass the time and calm our kids reading the ones that you have given us so far.

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Where are the Dinos? por Julia Dweck


Atrevidamente declararé que “Where are the Dinos?” es el mejor libro de Julia Dweck hasta ahora.

No me malentiendan. He tenido el privilegio de leer todos estos libros escritos por ella:

  • Pandora´s box,
  • Zombie-Kids,
  • Zombie-Kids go green y
  • Beewitched

Aún así, su último libro es mi favorito. ¿Por qué?

Hay varias razones:

  • Para empezar, a todos nos encantan los dinosaurios. Habiendo dicho eso, es importante hacer notar que no todos los libros con un dinosaurio dentro son un éxito instantáneo. Este es un tema tan duro como cualquier otro, pero los autores lograron atacarlo de manera muy exitosa.
  • Si los dinosaurios son divertidos, los dinos de Julia son aún mejores: van al centro comercial; hacen fiestas en las albercas y bailan románticamente en elegantes restaurantes. Pero no todo es perfecto. Al igual que muchos de nosotros, parecen tener problemas en la clase de deportes.
  • Los dibujos de Bob Ostrom son simplemente maravillosos. Pienso que Bob y Julia podrían tener un gran éxito si deciden hacer juguetes dino. ¡Si logran hacerlos tan tiernos como los del libro, yo me voy a comprar un Polka-Dot Tricera-Tops! Lo siento, pero si quieres saber que es un Polka-Dot Tricera-tops, tendrás que leer el libro.
  • Finalmente, para mí personalmente, el texto de Julia ¡está mejor que nunca! Es muy sencillo de leer, con un excelente ritmo y muy chistoso.

Hace algún tiempo, me gustó que se hiciera una segunda parte del libro de los Zombie-kids. Ahora estoy esperando la segunda parte de libro de los Dinos de Julia. También estoy esperando un libro que sea el crossover de los Zombie-kids con los Dinos.

En resumen, Juila parece ser una fuente inagotable de ideas puestas en versos.

Todos estamos esperando tu siguiente libro, Julia. Mientras tanto, tendremos que pasar el tiempo y calmar a nuestros hijos con los libros que nos has dado hasta ahora.

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