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eBook review: “Grandad’s Missing Teeth” By Gemma Wood

Gemma Wood


This book by Gemma Wood narrates one of the adventures of Dexter, an Old English sheepdog who seems to have a lot of issues passing gases, and his best friend, Rufus, a little Jack Russell dog.

Grandpa has lost his false teeth and Rufus is decided to find them. Enlisting the help of big, and sometimes stinky, Dexter, he embarks on a one day quest.

Along their journey, Dexter and Rufus find rabbits, squirrels, pigs, frogs and some other wild animals. Some of the animals behave very friendly while others are very mean to them.

Dexter, the main character in the book, manages to get out of some really tight situations and makes some new friends. He also learns and teaches us a very valuable lesson about judging people before really getting to know them.

I would say that this book is for children who are 6 years old or older, since the story is a little bit long, and without pictures.

This is an enjoyable book for children who like pets and imagine them in adventures with a happy ending.

If only grandad knew all the places his teeth have been…

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