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eBook review: “Kathleen and the Communion Copter” by Avril O’Reilly


 Do you remember your first communion? If it was anything like mine, probably mom was rushing around, finishing the last details for the party or the church; dad was either chatting with some friends who arrived early or running some errands ordered by mom; your brothers and sisters would be causing trouble somewhere around the house and you would be thinking about the big family reunion and your presents.

And maybe the real spirit of the sacrament would be forgotten or left aside as the nice plus of a family gathering.

Kathleen is a young girl getting prepared to do her communion and she’s being distracted by all kinds of different things, including her mom’s preconceived notions about what can be considered “good taste” for this important milestone.

Thankfully, Kathleen can always count with the help and advice of a wonderful grandmother, Nan Knowles, who not only knows everything about communions, but is also invincible at getting things done. Armed only with Nan´s special notebook and the help of the mysterious group called “The Girls”, Kathleen and her grandma must navigate through what seems to be an insurmountable pile of problems, including a church that is falling apart, a catastrophic dress, two brothers who seem to always create problems and… a selfish communion copter.

Read this book to relive your own childhood; to fill your heart with the tenderness of a young girl and the boldness of a grandma with a mission and to learn the true meaning of being Christian.

I certainly loved the book and the drawings by Avril and I hope you will too.



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The Doondah Veil by Avril O’Reilly


(La reseña en Español está en la parte inferior)

When I saw the illustration for The Doondah Veil, some of my Holy Communion memories came to my mind.

For the catholic people, this is one of the most important celebrations. Of course, being a child, you think about it as a very, very special day.

The short story is what Avril O’Reilly, the author, calls an “auntie story”: something that has the proper length to be read over a quick visit to your nieces or nephews.

In the book, Áine is very excited about her special day: her Holy Communion. But when she discovers that his gifted little brother will be at the church with the rest of the family, things start to look… not so good.

If you have siblings, I bet sometimes you wished they were far away from you on a special event, even if you loved them a lot!

So I’m pretty sure you will enjoy reading about how Áine wants to avoid the presence of her little brother at the church. Avril O’Reilly uses a nice dose of humor to write about it and gives us an unexpected, but happy ending.

This is a nice story to share with your own kids, and of course with your nephews or nieces, since it is an “auntie story.”

You can find The Doondah Veil at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/253878

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The Doondah Veil por Avril O’Reilly


Cuando vi la ilustración de The Doondah Veil, los recuerdos de mi primera comunión llegaron a mi mente.

Para la gente católica, esta es una de las celebraciones más importantes. Y claro, cuando eres un niño, este es para ti un día muy, muy especial.

La pequeña historia es algo que Avril O’Reilly, la autora, llama una “historia de tías” porque es algo que tiene el tamaño justo para se pueda leer en una rápida visita a los sobrinos.

En el libro, Áine está muy emocionada por su día especial: su primera comunión. Pero cuando descubre su pequeño hermano estará en la iglesia con el resto de la familia las cosas empiezan a verse… ya no tan bien.

Si tienes hermanos o hermanas, apuesto a que algunas veces hubieras deseado que estuvieran lejos de ti en esos eventos especiales, ¡aunque los quisieras mucho!

Así que estoy segura de que disfrutarás el leer cómo Áine quiere evitar la presencia de su hermanito en la iglesia. Avril O’Reilly usa una buena dosis de humor para escribirlo y nos da un final inesperado, pero feliz.

Esta es una linda historia que puedes compartir con tus hijos y por supuesto con tus sobrinos o sobrinas ya que es una “historia de tías.”

Puedes encontrar el libro de The Doondah Veil en el siguiente enlace http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/253878


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