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EBook review of “Still Here: How to Succeed in Life after Failing at Suicide” by Andy Grant

Andy Grant


Andy Grant set out to write a book to prevent suicide. Instead, he wrote an inspirational book that explains many secrets about life. His text should be mandatory reading for everyone who has gone through a depression.

Andy is a suicide attempt survivor. From a surprisingly early age, he thought about ending his own life and he tried to do it several times. These attempts and the related depressions that he experienced, made him spend time in five different mental hospitals throughout the course of his life.

Andy did not find many answers in the health system or in the traditional medications prescribed to people who share these symptoms. But somewhere along the trip, he found the answers that he needed and he managed to turn his life around.

In “Still Here”, Andy shares with us all the different tools that he uses every day to lead a happy and healthy life. His methodology is based in what he calls his “Six Keys to Loving Your Life”. These keys are nothing fancy, expensive or difficult; they are simple, but powerful things that all of us can incorporate in our daily routine without breaking the bank, going to specialized seminars or devoting more than some minutes a day.

While I already knew some of the tools mentioned in the book, the author managed to always bring a fresh point of view to all them. Other things, such as tapping, were new to me, but Andy explained everything in a simple and interesting way.

I didn’t know anything about suicide before reading this book and I was surprised by a lot of facts. It would seem that suicide is the war that humanity is losing: according to Andy more people are dying by their own hand than by war and homicide combined.

But I think this is a war that we can win, if we have the proper weapons to fight. To do that, “Still Here: How To Succeed in Life After Failing At Suicide”, by Andy Grant, should figure prominently in our arsenal.

Thank you for living a bright and courageous life, Andy.

“It isn’t about being happy or unhappy. It is about being happier. Feeling good isn’t an on/ off thing. It is not a black and white world. Choose a little better thought, choose to be a little happier, and choose to shine a little brighter”.

Andy Grant

To learn more about Andy Grant and his work, you can use the following links:



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Ebook review: “Walk Yourself Skinny” by Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas


I love this book by Michael Thomas! I seldom find a book that will answer all my questions regarding an exercise or diet plan, but “Walk Yourself Skinny” anticipated all my different worries and was able to address them easily.

The book begins telling Michael Thomas’ story: he was a regular person who started gaining weight because of his sedentary lifestyle. He tells us how he felt but he also tells us how he lost all those extra pounds.

Michael covers several subjects in easy to understand language: the benefits of walking; the way our body works; what are some good strategies (besides walking) to lose weight and many other things.

He gives us a basic diet that can help us keep those calories under control. I don’t know about you, but I want a simple diet! I don’t want a plan with 20 weeks where I will have to learn to pronounce the name of some mysterious fish.

Michael also gives us some good comparisons: For example, did you know that your typical burger and fries combo will cost you 13.6 miles to walk off? 13.6 miles! That is a number you want to keep in mind the next time you want to order that Big Mac.

The book is very practical and brings value in every page, but probably the most useful part comes at the end, with the 66 Day Walking Plan.

If you want to lose weight in a simple way, and you want all your questions answered, I absolutely recommend this book. Grab your copy in Amazon now!



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eBook review: Busy Dizzy by Dr. Orly Katz

busy dizzy Orly Katz

It is almost universally accepted that a good attitude and a healthy self esteem make a big difference between succeeding or failing in life.

Teachings such as the Kabbalah, the NLP or The Secret, also known as the Law of Attraction, explain different techniques to do the same thing: believe in yourself and keep an upbeat attitude, even in the worst of times.

Surprisingly enough, we do not spend time educating ourselves in these procedures even when we know they can make a big difference in our lives; we are not trained to monitor our thoughts and our feelings to keep them in check and improve our future; we are plagued by different kind of fears: are we capable enough? Do we belong? Are others better than us?

People can say “Oh, you know, just be an optimist,” but this just doesn´t come by wishing it. It is actually hard work to have and to keep a strong self image and a good attitude.

If these issues are difficult for a grownup, imagine how hard they can be to a kid. The subjects mentioned above, such as the Kabbalah or the NLP, are deadly boring to them. How can you explain these concepts and educate them to believe on their selves?

We have talked before about the works of Dr. Orly Katz. This time, she has created some funny characters called the Busy Dizzies. These Dizzies live inside you, and if you don’t control them, they can fill you with negative feelings or thoughts, such as self-doubt, fear of success or fear to talk in front of people.

They sit on your shoulder,
and talk in your ear.
They whisper so softly,
they know you can hear.
They like to cause trouble
and keep themselves busy,
by whispering things
that can make you quite dizzy!

Through the words of the school teacher in the story, Miss Young, Dr. Katz teaches children a great song to control their Busy Dizzies and be more self assured.

The end of the book has several activities that you can do with your child to help identify and get rid of their Busy Dizzies.

This is an excellent book to read with all types of young children, but especially with the ones that you feel are overwhelmed by doubts or have low self esteem.

I enjoyed the entire book, written in rhymes, and the wonderful art by Bijan: the Dizzies look funny, making the book even more attractive.

So, child or adult, if you feel you have a Dizzy, start to sing!

I know what I want
and I know what to say,
so GOODBYE Busy Dizzy

You can grab your copy of Buzy Dizzy at Amazon now.

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Busy Dizzy por la Dra. Orly Katz

busy dizzy Orly Katz

Es casi universalmente aceptado que una buena actitud y una autoestima saludable hacen una gran diferencia entre el éxito y el fracaso en la vida.

Enseñanzas como la Cábala, la PNL o El Secreto, también conocido como la Ley de la Atracción, explican diferentes técnicas para hacer la misma cosa: creer en uno mismo y mantener una actitud positiva, incluso en los peores tiempos.

Por sorprendente que parezca, no invertimos tiempo educándonos en estos procedimientos, incluso cuando sabemos que pueden hacer una gran diferencia en nuestras vidas; no estamos entrenados para vigilar nuestros pensamientos y nuestros sentimientos para mantenerlos a raya y mejorar nuestro futuro; estamos plagados de diferentes tipos de temores: ¿somos capaces? ¿Estamos donde debemos estar? ¿Hay otras personas mejores que nosotros?

La gente puede decir “Bueno, ya sabes, simplemente debes de ser optimista”, pero no llega nada más así, deseándolo. En realidad, se debe trabajar bastante para tener y mantener una autoestima sana y una buena actitud.

Si estos temas son difíciles para un adulto, imagina lo difícil que puede ser para un niño. Los temas mencionados anteriormente, tales como la cábala o la PNL, son mortalmente aburridos para ellos. ¿Cómo se pueden explicar estos conceptos y educar a los niños para creer en sí mismos?

Hemos hablado antes acerca de los trabajos de la Dra. Orly Katz. Esta vez, ella ha creado algunos personajes divertidos llamados los Busy Dizzies. Estos Dizzies viven dentro de ti, y si no los controlas, te pueden llenar de sentimientos o pensamientos negativos, como la duda, el miedo al éxito o el miedo a hablar delante de la gente.

Se sientan en tu hombro,
y hablan en tu oído.
Susurran en voz muy baja…
ellos saben que los puedes oír.
Les gusta causar problemas
y mantenerse ocupados,
susurrando cosas
¡que te pueden marearte bastante!

A través de las palabras de la maestra de escuela que aparece en la historia, la señorita Young, la Dra. Katz enseña a los niños una canción excelente para controlar sus Busy Dizzies y ser más seguros de sí mismos.

El final del libro tiene varias actividades que puedes hacer con tu hijo para ayudarle a identificar y deshacerse de sus Buzy Dizzies.

Este es un estupendo libro para leer con todo tipo de niños de corta edad, pero sobre todo con los que tú sientas abrumados por la duda o que tienen baja autoestima.

Disfruté de todo el libro, escrito en versos en inglés, y el arte maravilloso de Bijan: los Dizzies tienen un aspecto muy divertido, haciendo que el libro sea aún más atractivo.

Así que, niño o adulto, si sientes que tienes un Dizzy, ¡empieza a cantar!

I know what I want
and I know what to say,
so GOODBYE Busy Dizzy

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“Passions, Strengths and Self Esteem! The Extensive Guide, Surviving Primary School” by Dr. Orly Katz

passions(La reseña en Español está en la parte inferior)

I have had the pleasure of reading the work of Dr. Orly Katz before, and we have talked about one of her books on this blog.

Dr. Katz has created two very successful series for young people: “Surviving Junior High” and “Surviving Primary School.”

The areas of expertise of Dr. Katz are leadership, empowerment and self esteem for children and young adults and she coordinates all her efforts through her website located at

This week we read “Passions, Strengths and Self Esteem!” which is the last book of her Primary School series.

As is the case with her other books, this one also illustrates all the important points with true stories about Dr. Katz and her friends growing up in the 80s. Through the use of stories, Dr. Katz is able to explain her points to her readers and later on, she provides the tools to cope with the explained issues.

On this book, she works on the model of “keys” and she provides three keys to help youngsters:

  • The “key to identification” is designed to help the reader identify where he or she is today; what are the problems and what needs to be done to improve.
  • The “Key to your inner core” helps us identify what are our strengths, our dreams and our passions.
  • Finally, the “Key to action” helps us put everything together and start working to improve our life.

The book is loaded with questionnaires and tools to help children get to know their selves better. I particularly liked the Identification circle exercise.

The issues that Dr. Katz helps with are not exclusive to children and young adults: these are issues that all of us struggle with everyday.

Time and time it has been proved in several different countries and studies that success is not only dependant on knowledge and hard skills. Success depends greatly on our emotional stability and our ability to cope with the issues on our lives, while maintaining a healthy self esteem.

If we can provide these tools to our children today, instead of waiting until they are troubled adults, we will help them achieve their dreams faster.

The books from Dr. Katz are recommended by the Ministry of Education of her own country and, in my opinion, they should be recommended by the Education Departments of all countries.

I highly recommend her books to anyone who has teen or preteen children, even if It seems they are not struggling through school.

If you want to try only one book in the series, I recommend you start with this one, since it is loaded with excellent tools and tips.

You can purchase your copy at Amazon, clicking here.

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“Passions, Strengths and Self Esteem! The Extensive Guide, Surviving Primary School”  por la  Dra. Orly Katz


Ya he tenido antes el placer de leer el trabajo de la Dra. Orly Katz y ya hemos hablado de uno de sus libros en este blog.

La Dra. Katz ha creado dos exitosas series de libros para gente joven: “Surviving Junior High” y “Surviving Primary School.”

La Dra. Katz es una experta en las áreas de liderazgo, empowerment y auto estima para niños y jóvenes adultos y coordina todos sus esfuerzos a través de su sitio localizado en

Esta semana leímos “Passions, Strengths and Self Esteem!” el cual es el último libro de su serie de libros para la secundaria.

Igual que sucede en sus otros libros, todos los puntos importantes se ilustran con historias verdaderas de la doctora y sus amigos cuando eran jóvenes y estaban creciendo durante la década de los años ochenta. A través del uso de ejemplos, la Dra. Katz explica su punto de vista a los lectores, y más tarde les da todas las herramientas para superar los problemas expuestos.

En este libro, ella trabaja sobre el modelo de las “llaves” y explica tres llaves para ayudar a los jóvenes:

  • La “Llave de la identificación” está diseñada para ayudar al lector o lectora a identificar dónde se encuentra hoy; cuáles son sus problemas y qué necesita hacer para mejorar.
  • La “Llave del núcleo interno” nos ayuda a identificar cuáles son nuestras fortalezas, nuestros sueños y nuestras pasiones.
  • Finalmente, la “Llave a la acción” nos ayuda a poner todo junto y a empezar a trabajar para mejorar nuestras vidas.

El libro está lleno de cuestionarios y herramientas para ayudar a los niños a conocerse mejor. A mí me gusto especialmente el ejercicio del círculo de la identificación.

Los problemas con los que Dra. Katz nos ayuda no son exclusivos de los niños y los jóvenes: estos son asuntos con los que todos nosotros luchamos todos los días.

Se ha comprobado una y otra vez en diferentes países y estudios que el éxito no depende solamente del conocimiento y de nuestras habilidades técnicas. El éxito depende en gran medida de nuestra estabilidad emocional y nuestra habilidad para manejar los problemas en nuestras vidas, mientras mantenemos una auto estima balanceada.

Si les podemos dar estas herramientas a nuestros hijos hoy, en lugar de esperar a que sean adultos con problemas, les estaremos ayudando a lograr sus sueños más rápidamente.

Los libros de la Dra. Katz son recomendados por el Ministerio de Educación de su país, y en mi opinión, deberían de ser recomendados por los Ministerios de Educación de todos los países.

Recomiendo ampliamente sus libros a cualquier persona que tenga hijos pequeños o adolescentes, aún si no tienen síntomas de estar padeciendo en la escuela.

Si solamente leyeran un libro de la serie, recomiendo empezar con este, ya que está lleno de excelentes herramientas y consejos.

Puedes comprar el libro de la Dra. Katz en Amazon, presionando aquí.

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“Get Out If You Can, How To Escape An Abusive Relationship And Be Happy” by Celia John

(La reseña en Español está en la parte inferior)

The UN estimates that 70 per cent of women in the planet experience violence in at least one of its many forms. It is also estimated that one in five women worldwide will become a victim of rape or attempted rape in their lifetime. (

One in five is just too many.

Women abuse knows no boundaries: it happens in all countries, regardless of social status or religion. It also takes place in many different ways. It can be very subtle if it is psychological and it can be more evident if it is physical, but these two are not the only forms of abuse and all of them are terrible.

Yet, we have to ask, what have we done to stop women abuse?

Celia John survived domestic violence and she did something: she wrote a wonderful book that is a resource for all women that are trapped today in an abusive situation.

In her easy to read book, Celia explains how to recognize if you are being abused; what kind of abuse you are being subjected to and how to get out of it.

Abused women have many obstacles to overcome; they may not have enough money to get out of the relationship; they may not have anywhere to go; they may no longer have friends or family or they may be just trying to protect their children.

Celia takes each of these different hurdles and dissects them one by one, providing not only solutions but also hope. She is the first one to admit that it is hard to break off from an abusive relationship. She is also the first one to admit that it can and it must be done.

To all the women who are suffering today, Celia has provided a wonderful tool to help them with her problems. Please read the book and get out of it, now that you can.

Please follow Celia´s work at:

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“Get Out If You Can, How To Escape An Abusive Relationship And Be Happy” por Celia John

Las Naciones Unidas estiman que el 70% de las mujeres en este planeta experimentan algún tipo de violencia. También se estima que una de cada cinco mujeres en el mundo será una víctima de violación o de un intento de violación. (

Una de cada cinco mujeres es demasiado.

El abuso a las mujeres no conoce las fronteras: pasa en todas las naciones, independientemente del estado social o de la religión. También pasa de diferentes maneras. Puede ser muy sutil si es psicológico y puede ser más evidente si es físico, pero estas dos son sólo dos formas de abuso y todas las formas son terribles.

Y aún así, nos tenemos que preguntar ¿qué hace cada uno de nosotros de manera personal para evitar el abuso a las mujeres?

Celia John sobrevivió a la violencia doméstica e hizo algo: escribió un libro maravilloso que es un recurso para todas las mujeres que están atrapadas hoy en una situación abusiva.

En su libro, que es muy sencillo de leer, Celia nos explica cómo reconocer si estás siendo víctima de un abuso; a qué tipo de abuso se te está sometiendo y cómo librarte de él.

Las mujeres que sufren abuso tienen muchos obstáculos en su camino; puede que no tengan suficiente dinero para escapar de la relación; puede que no tengan algún lugar a dónde ir; puede que ya no tengan amigos o familia a la cual recurrir o puede ser que estén intentando proteger a sus hijos.

En su libro, Celia toma cada uno de estos obstáculos y los va disecando uno por uno, dando no solamente soluciones, sino también esperanza. Ella es la primera que admite que es difícil salir de una relación abusiva. También es la primera en admitir que se debe de salir de ahí.

A todas las mujeres que están sufriendo hoy, Celia les ha dado una herramienta maravillosa para ayudarlas en sus problemas. Por favor, lean el libro y salgan de ahí, ahora que aún pueden hacerlo.

Por favor, sigue el trabajo de Celia en:

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