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eBook review of “The Planets: Sam Sun” by Phamie MacDonald

Phamie MacDonald


Sam has a little problem today: because his pants are on fire, everybody thinks he is a liar.

Sam is the Sun, so it is normal for him to reach high temperatures, but this pants problem is a new thing for him, and truth be told, he doesn’t seem to be handling it that well.

In this particular case, Sam Sun will need the advice of a trusted friend to make things better again.

“The Planets: Sam Sun” is the first book on the Planet Series, written and illustrated by Phamie MacDonald, a children´s author and graphic designer.

Through her work, Phamie has been able to give each celestial body in our solar system a unique personality, making science and astronomy accessible for young children; an excellent idea.

I am looking forward for the rest of the books in the series and Phamie´s new ideas.

This book is recommended for curious kids who are about 5 years old.

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