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eBook review: Aunt Phil’s Trunk by Laurel Downing Bill


Our popular culture has thrown away decades talking to us about the Wild Wild West: we can find it in movies and TV series; we can read about it in books and comic books; we can sing songs and ballads about those brave cowboys and vaqueros. And, like Sienfield would say, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But up north there is another magical place full of stories about adventure, hardship and courage: Alaska.

I have found little references to Alaska, until now.

“Aunt Phil’s Trunk” is a series of books written by Laurel Downing Bill and her own story is also magical: Laurel inherited a treasure of information about Alaska from her aunt Phyllis when she died. Phyllis had been a librarian and historian and she had researched her native state, Alaska for many years. Laurel was lucky enough to receive this information.

But luck goes a short, short way. To truly succeed you also need determination and Laurel had tons of that too: at 50 she returned to school to become a journalist and then she started reading, classifying and preparing all the information for a new publication.

Today, thanks to this generational effort, we have not 1, but 5 books about Alaska. And what books they are! Filled with entertaining short stories and packed with photographs, these chronicles will keep you entertained for months and months to come.

In volume 1, with more than 300 pages, Laurel takes us thousands of years back to show us the first migrations to Alaska and she finishes at about the year 1900. I was amazed at all the black and white photographs that Laurel managed to pack in her book and was moved by the stories of all these brave men and women that took a challenge that I could never do.

The second book focuses more in the 20th century. Again, it has more than 300 pages and hundreds of photographs. I have never found such an extensive research about Alaska anywhere else, and to me, Laurel Downing Bill is the definite source to learn the captivating story of this land.

My author friends, Susan Keefe and Barbara Ann Mojica have also written very good reviews about these books.

I recommend these books, not only to the people who want to learn about Alaska, but also to anyone who has doubts about the capacity, the courage or the compassion of the human race.

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Book review: “White House: Wit, Wisdom and Wisecracks” by Phil Dampier and Ashley Walton

white house

This book of presidential quotes is a very interesting source for anyone interested in the US history. It narrates the lives and stories of the presidents of that country and gives us not only the most meaningful quotes, but also some relatively unknown ones. Some of these are extremely funny and some others can be extremely dangerous if taken out of context.

Complementing the book are Richard Jolley’s funny cartoons about the presidents.

I am sure that you have a favorite US president. I particularly enjoyed all the quotes that George Bush gave us, such as

“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we … They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”

The book is pretty much up to date, including Barack Obama.

Buy this book and you will be referencing to it for years to come, to remember the thoughts of brilliant minds like Kennedy, Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Wilson or Truman.

“White House: Wit, Wisdom and Wisecracks” is in Amazon.

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Book review: “White House: Wit, Wisdom and Wisecracks” por Phil Dampier y Ashley Walton

white house

Este libro de citas presidenciales es una fuente muy interesante para cualquier persona interesada en la historia de los Estados Unidos. Narra las vidas y las historias de los presidentes de ese país y nos da no sólo las citas más significativas, sino también algunas que son relativamente desconocidas. Algunas son muy divertidas y algunas otras pueden ser extremadamente peligrosas si se toman fuera de contexto.

Complementando el libro están las divertidas caricaturas de Richard Jolley acerca de los presidentes.

Estoy seguro de que tú tienes un presidente favorito de los Estados Unidos. A mí me gustaron en particular todas las frases que George Bush nos dio, como

“Nuestros enemigos son innovadores y tienen recursos, y nosotros también… Ellos nunca dejan de pensar en nuevas maneras de dañar a nuestro país y a nuestra gente, y nosotros tampoco.”

El libro se encuentra bastante actualizado, incluyendo a Barack Obama.

Compra este libro y estarás usándolo como referencia durante años para recordar los pensamientos de mentes brillantes como Kennedy, Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Wilson o Truman.

“White House: Wit, Wisdom and Wisecracks” está en Amazon.

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