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eBook review: The R.O.B.I.N. by Paul J. Dunn



The REMOTELY OPERATED BROADBAND INTELLIGENT NETWORKING DEVICE, also known as the R.O.B.I.N. is a deadly machine that is the size of a fly. Remotely controlled by a highly specialized technician, the R.O.B.I.N. can get virtually anywhere and watch everyone, sending back a video signal to be recorded or broadcasted. Since the R.O.B.I.N. can carry and launch tiny missiles, it can kill anyone, at any time.

What happens when the only engineer in the planet who can control the R.O.B.I.N. is kidnapped by a terrorist organization? This action puts the whole planet in danger, since, who can stop or even see a deadly bug?

Now the R.O.B.I.N. has been set up for a deadly mission: kill the president of the United States!

The R.O.B.I.N. is also a book written by Paul Dunn. The book has a very creative idea that it may not be far from reality: the US is producing smaller devices all the time and a real R.O.B.I.N. may be performing on the field soon, if it is not already. The book is also full of action and plot twists that will sure surprise everybody.

I loved the R.O.B.I.N. idea and the story in general. There were only a couple of things that I did not like: I think Paul´s writing could benefit from a professional editor who could fix some typos and who would stress the principle of “show” rather than “tell”. I also found it difficult to get attached to any character; they were just too many for me, and some of them passed so briefly through the pages that it was difficult to care for them. In my opinion the bad guys need to be meaner and the main characters need to express much more their feelings: pain, anxiety, happiness, sadness, etc. That way we will be able to empathize more with them. That is just my opinion.

If you like fast plots full of action and a story with a good idea, pick up the R.O.B.I.N. You will never look at flies the same way again.

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