eBook Review: Jump! by Julia Dweck

jump! by Julia Dweck

 Julia Dweck really has to stop doing this to me.

Every time she has a new book, I declare “This is my favourite Julia Dweck book… ever!” I manage to stay put for a while and then along she comes with a new book, and I make a fool of myself proclaiming: “No, no, no. This is the one: This is my favourite Julia Dweck book…ever!”

I have to draw the line somewhere, so today I am announcing that “Jump!” is my favourite Julia Dweck book…ever.

Yes, I know my favourite was Where are the dinos?” Those were adorable: little dinosaurs shopping and driving and doing all these cool things. I said, and I still maintain, that the word needs to have these little cute dinos as toys. I am still waiting to buy one to put on my desk.

But… “Jump!” has an unbeatable message that “Where are the dinos?” lacks: that a crisis is an opportunity in disguise; that you can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself and that once that you have gone there, nothing will ever be the same.

The message is conveyed in an easy way for children to understand, yet, full of enough charisma to appeal to grownups.

And the illustrations done by Brian Allen are simply amazing!

So, I am saying it now (this has to stop at some point, Julia): “Jump!” is my favourite Julia Dweck book ever!

The book is available now in Amazon: read it, have a big smile and think hard and long about your life and your goals.



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