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Repurpose your children´s ebook content

Can you repurpose your children´s eBook content? Let´s say that you have created a lovely story for children and that you have spent endless nights writing and/or drawing your eBook. Your creation is now in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads and a couple of other places and you are spending a lot of time marketing your work.

Is that all that you can do?

I think that at some point you can recycle your content: the characters, the situations and in general, the ideas you have created.

Let´s try to come up with some examples:

  1. Comics.- Depending on your character, of course, you could create a comic book or some comic strips featuring your creations. Lincoln Peirce, author of “Big Nate” is a master doing this: he moves Nate effortlessly between daily comic strips and books, always creating new and awkward situations for the poor kid.
  2. Apps.- You can create an interactive app to run on a smart phone, based in your eBook. Deborah Eve Alastra has done this with her latest book, “Señor Tortuga, the Color Mixer.” You will be able to buy both a physical book and an interactive app.
  3. Audio books.- You can have the same story as an audio book and you can have it reviewed by Susan Keefe at her new Audiobook Monthly Magazine.
  4. Physical books.- Although it is more expensive, you could also have your eBook become a paper book that your little readers will love to hold in their hands.
  5. Post cards, buttons and all sort of crazy little things.- Your fans may want a poster of your characters, or a button, a pen, a postcard or any other little cute thing to take to school. A good example of this practice is Tania Camacho and her creation “Jours de Papier.” She creates and publishes a free comic strip in the Internet, but sells all kinds of mementos about her funny characters, who happen to be her and her boyfriend Esteban. She also sells physical books that collect her Internet comic strip. (By the way, “Jours de Papier” is not for children. It is a very funny strip about a young couple living together.)
  6. T-shirts, caps, cups, jackets.- Stephanie Lisa Tara has had a great success with her book “I´ll follow the moon.” She has also been very successful at selling different types of merchandise related to her eBooks and characters.
  7. From blog to eBook; from eBook to blog.- Kay Iscah is an example of an author who can go from blog to eBook. She keeps a blog where she has published some of her stories as weekly installments, and later on, she publishes them as eBooks. In the process, she creates a nice following base that will be willing to go for the eBook. Bette Stevens is another wonderful example: she has created a book about Monarch butterflies, but also keeps a very successful blog where she tells us about these lovely creatures and where we can download great related stuff, such as free posters!
  8. New markets; new languages.- Sorry, this just had to be here. To me, one basic principle of content marketing is to try to recycle your content with a slightly different market. If your book has been successful with English speaking kids, why aren´t you looking into the Spanish speaking children? Spanish is just one example, but you could try any language: Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, you name it. It is just another segment to repurpose your content.

These are just some examples. Have you done any of these or something different? What is your experience? Is it worth it? Let us all know what you think about this!

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Gabriel García Márquez in Amazon today

Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Gabriel García Márquez holds now the first 4 positions in the top 100 kindle best sellers in Amazon Mexico. The list starts, of course with “Cien años de soledad,” sold for 79 pesos, less than 8 dollars.

It has been said that “Cien años de soledad” has sold more than 50 millions copies in more than 40 languages, since its original publication in 1967.

“Gabo” as he was affectionately known, was deeply loved in Mexico, where he spent his last years. He was 87 years old.

Some of his most celebrated books include:

Rest in Peace, Gabo.



What Fantasy and SF eBooks in Spanish are popular in Amazon?

La Guerra de los Cielos


If you write either Fantasy or Science Fiction in English and if you are thinking about translating your eBook into Spanish to sell it in Amazon, you have to keep an eye on Fernando Trujillo, since he seems to be doing several things right.

Fernando has 23 books in Amazon, with about 4 them in English and the rest in Spanish. He is certainly a prolific writer. He has several series that span for 3 or 4 books. One of his most popular titles is called “La Guerra de los Cielos” (coauthored with César García Muñoz) and he has even translated it into English with the title “War of the Heavens.”

The “La Guerra de los Cielos” saga currently has 3 books. It is difficult to say if this is Science Fiction or Fantasy: the story deals with a war between angels and demons in planet earth. Fernando’s style and influence seem to be more in place in the United States than in the traditional Latin American literature.

Many readers have complained that the book in Spanish has some misspellings and grammatical errors. Other readers have said that the book, at 500 pages, is huge and it takes too long to get interesting; yet others have said that they struggle with Fernando’s style, jumping from one point to another and having too many characters.

Still, one cannot deny his success: just the first volume of “La Guerra de los Cielos” has 147 reviews, with 70 of them at 5 stars.

Fernando and César have implemented two very successful strategies:

  • At times, they give away the first volume of the series at Amazon, with a price tag of $ 0.00. Some other times they price it at $ 0.99. That is still a great price, even in Latin America.
  • The first book does not really end; the story goes right into the second volume. While this has bothered some readers, it certainly is not a problem for Fernando’s fans. And he seems to have many.

If you write something similar to these books and are struggling to differentiate yourself in an overcrowded market in English, you should know that there is a good market in Spanish in Latin America and the United States: Fernando Trujillo is a clear example of a young segment of the population, with money in their pockets, claiming for more books like his.  These people have read several times Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and now are reading and rereading “La Guerra de los CIelos.”

In the following weeks I will be giving you more examples of successful authors or books in Spanish in different genres such as Romance, Children´s or Self-Help.

Are you interested in a particular genre?