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eBook review: Busy Dizzy by Dr. Orly Katz

busy dizzy Orly Katz

It is almost universally accepted that a good attitude and a healthy self esteem make a big difference between succeeding or failing in life.

Teachings such as the Kabbalah, the NLP or The Secret, also known as the Law of Attraction, explain different techniques to do the same thing: believe in yourself and keep an upbeat attitude, even in the worst of times.

Surprisingly enough, we do not spend time educating ourselves in these procedures even when we know they can make a big difference in our lives; we are not trained to monitor our thoughts and our feelings to keep them in check and improve our future; we are plagued by different kind of fears: are we capable enough? Do we belong? Are others better than us?

People can say “Oh, you know, just be an optimist,” but this just doesn´t come by wishing it. It is actually hard work to have and to keep a strong self image and a good attitude.

If these issues are difficult for a grownup, imagine how hard they can be to a kid. The subjects mentioned above, such as the Kabbalah or the NLP, are deadly boring to them. How can you explain these concepts and educate them to believe on their selves?

We have talked before about the works of Dr. Orly Katz. This time, she has created some funny characters called the Busy Dizzies. These Dizzies live inside you, and if you don’t control them, they can fill you with negative feelings or thoughts, such as self-doubt, fear of success or fear to talk in front of people.

They sit on your shoulder,
and talk in your ear.
They whisper so softly,
they know you can hear.
They like to cause trouble
and keep themselves busy,
by whispering things
that can make you quite dizzy!

Through the words of the school teacher in the story, Miss Young, Dr. Katz teaches children a great song to control their Busy Dizzies and be more self assured.

The end of the book has several activities that you can do with your child to help identify and get rid of their Busy Dizzies.

This is an excellent book to read with all types of young children, but especially with the ones that you feel are overwhelmed by doubts or have low self esteem.

I enjoyed the entire book, written in rhymes, and the wonderful art by Bijan: the Dizzies look funny, making the book even more attractive.

So, child or adult, if you feel you have a Dizzy, start to sing!

I know what I want
and I know what to say,
so GOODBYE Busy Dizzy

You can grab your copy of Buzy Dizzy at Amazon now.

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Busy Dizzy por la Dra. Orly Katz

busy dizzy Orly Katz

Es casi universalmente aceptado que una buena actitud y una autoestima saludable hacen una gran diferencia entre el éxito y el fracaso en la vida.

Enseñanzas como la Cábala, la PNL o El Secreto, también conocido como la Ley de la Atracción, explican diferentes técnicas para hacer la misma cosa: creer en uno mismo y mantener una actitud positiva, incluso en los peores tiempos.

Por sorprendente que parezca, no invertimos tiempo educándonos en estos procedimientos, incluso cuando sabemos que pueden hacer una gran diferencia en nuestras vidas; no estamos entrenados para vigilar nuestros pensamientos y nuestros sentimientos para mantenerlos a raya y mejorar nuestro futuro; estamos plagados de diferentes tipos de temores: ¿somos capaces? ¿Estamos donde debemos estar? ¿Hay otras personas mejores que nosotros?

La gente puede decir “Bueno, ya sabes, simplemente debes de ser optimista”, pero no llega nada más así, deseándolo. En realidad, se debe trabajar bastante para tener y mantener una autoestima sana y una buena actitud.

Si estos temas son difíciles para un adulto, imagina lo difícil que puede ser para un niño. Los temas mencionados anteriormente, tales como la cábala o la PNL, son mortalmente aburridos para ellos. ¿Cómo se pueden explicar estos conceptos y educar a los niños para creer en sí mismos?

Hemos hablado antes acerca de los trabajos de la Dra. Orly Katz. Esta vez, ella ha creado algunos personajes divertidos llamados los Busy Dizzies. Estos Dizzies viven dentro de ti, y si no los controlas, te pueden llenar de sentimientos o pensamientos negativos, como la duda, el miedo al éxito o el miedo a hablar delante de la gente.

Se sientan en tu hombro,
y hablan en tu oído.
Susurran en voz muy baja…
ellos saben que los puedes oír.
Les gusta causar problemas
y mantenerse ocupados,
susurrando cosas
¡que te pueden marearte bastante!

A través de las palabras de la maestra de escuela que aparece en la historia, la señorita Young, la Dra. Katz enseña a los niños una canción excelente para controlar sus Busy Dizzies y ser más seguros de sí mismos.

El final del libro tiene varias actividades que puedes hacer con tu hijo para ayudarle a identificar y deshacerse de sus Buzy Dizzies.

Este es un estupendo libro para leer con todo tipo de niños de corta edad, pero sobre todo con los que tú sientas abrumados por la duda o que tienen baja autoestima.

Disfruté de todo el libro, escrito en versos en inglés, y el arte maravilloso de Bijan: los Dizzies tienen un aspecto muy divertido, haciendo que el libro sea aún más atractivo.

Así que, niño o adulto, si sientes que tienes un Dizzy, ¡empieza a cantar!

I know what I want
and I know what to say,
so GOODBYE Busy Dizzy

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How to translate your eBook to Spanish, part I

Perhaps you have written a novel or a children’s book and are now looking into taking it to the Latin American market. You now need your kindle eBook in Spanish.

Let’s start talking about what not to do.

Tip 1 for translating your eBook into Spanish.- Do not use an automatic translation option, such as Google Translator.

This option will not produce a professional output, and because you may not be proficient in the target language, you will not even realize that your precious work has just been massacred.

To prove my point, I would select some paragraphs written in English and translate them to Spanish using Google Translator. Then we could go over the errors in grammar or style. But I believe most authors reading this blog do not speak Spanish, so we will take an alternate route. We will translate from Spanish to English and look at the errors there. That should give you a fair idea of what I’m talking about. I will select a Spanish version of a piece I believe you would be familiar with.

As an example, let´s work with the famous St Crispin’s Day Speech that Henry V gives to his troops before the Battle of Agincourt. This, of course, was written by William Shakespeare.

Here is a version in Spanish:

“Este día es la fiesta de Crispiniano:
El que sobreviva a este día y vuelva sano a casa,
Se pondrá de puntillas cuando se nombre este día,
Y se enorgullecerá ante el nombre de Crispiniano.
El que sobreviva a este día, y llegue a una edad avanzada,
Agasajará a sus vecinos en la víspera de la fiesta,
Y dirá: ‘Mañana es San Crispiniano’.
Entonces se alzará la manga y mostrará sus cicatrices
Y dirá, ‘Estas heridas recibí el día de Crispiniano ‘.
Los viejos olvidan: y todo se olvidará,
Pero él recordará con ventaja
Qué hazañas realizó en ese día: entonces recordará nuestros nombres
familiares en sus labios como palabras cotidianas –
Harry el rey, Bedford y Exeter,
Warwick y Talbot, Salisbury y Gloucester –
Se recordarán como si fuera ayer entre sus jarras llenas.”

Let´s run this by Google Translator and see what we come up with:

“This day is the feast of Crispian:
He that outlives this day and return home safe,
Will tiptoe when this day is named,
And’ll be proud to name Crispiniano.
He that outlives this day, and reaches an advanced age,
It regale your neighbors on the eve of the feast,
And say, ‘Tomorrow is Saint Crispian.’
Then lift up his sleeve and show his scars
And say, ‘These wounds I received Crispiniano day’.
Old men forget: and all forget,
But he’ll remember with advantages
What feats did that day: then he remembered our names
family on his lips as everyday words –
Harry the king, Bedford and Exeter,
Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester –
They remember like it was yesterday between her full hips.”

Are you happy with the output? The meaning or the grammar in some lines has been lost or deformed, but if the text is automatically translated without a careful edit in the target language, who will notice it before it is released?

Also, while you could say the general idea is there, it could be argued that the new text does not reflect the time or the style in which the original was written; that the force and the intention have been lost.

This example covers just some lines. Imagine trying to read the whole play with this translation quality.

And this is a lucky example. Others can turn out much worse.

Would you put that version out with your name on it without even editing it in the target language? Just look at the original piece and compare it with our automatic version.

This day is call’d the feast of Crispian.
He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
Will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam’d,
And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
And say “To-morrow is Saint Crispian.”
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
And say “These wounds I had on Crispian’s day.”
Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
But he’ll remember, with advantages,
What feats he did that day. Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words-
Harry the King, Bedford
 and Exeter,
 and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester
Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb’red.

Here is another experiment that you can do, even if you don’t speak one single word of Spanish:

  1. Take a paragraph of your own writing,
  2. Translate it into Spanish using Google Translator,
  3. Take that Spanish text and translate it back into English,
  4. Look at that new English version,
  5. Are you happy with it? Does it sound like you? Is it grammatically correct?

Don’t get me wrong: Google Translator is a wonderful tool for many things; I just don’t think it is the best option for your carefully crafted literary work.

What are your thoughts or experiences on this? Write your comments and let me know!

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Is it worth spending your time in eLance?

As a freelance writer, just recently I got a invite in eLance to write a “How To Guide” of 20 pages, formatted for Kindle, for 20 dollars. The person specifies that the eBook would be on any subject that she selects.


I know that many people will say “if you don´t like the offer, don’t answer it,” but that is not really the problem; the problem is that some other people will answer it, lowering the bids for all of us.

I have several problems with the ad, besides the slave payment they want to give you:

  • Who could seriously accept to write an ebook on any subject? My guess is that, at 1 dollar per page, the writer will not spend much time researching the subject and will pull together a bunch of stuff found on the Internet. If you wanted to spend your time reading 20 pages on any subject, say Teenage pregnancy, would you rather read it from a prestigious psychologist who has spent the last 20 years working with teenagers or with a writer who spent 20 minutes doing research? Well, the bad news is that, sometimes when you download the ebook, you cannot really tell who wrote it. I think serious writers only write on subjects they have truly mastered or lived and therefore, cannot accept writing a How to Guide on any possible subject in the universe.
  • The book is to be formatted for kindle. Formatting a book for kindle is a project in itself, done by a professional, and it should be paid as a different task; again at a much better rate.
  • If this kind of book is put in Amazon, it will just lower the quality of all the books we writers put and try to sell everyday there. These “instant” books just give ebooks a bad name and it hurt us all.
  • Finally, the person paying the 20 dollars, will turn to the market and say “Oh, I am an expert in Teenage pregnancy; look at the book I wrote; buy my services. By the way, I have also written other 200 ebooks on all kinds of subjects.”  I wonder if that doesn’t bother the real experts.

eLance moves a lot of money and helps a lot of freelancers. It is something that is needed. Shouldn´t eLance spend a little time looking at the offers and trying to dignify them?

Am I wrong?

Let me know your thoughts.

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eBook review: SeaBEAN by Sarah Holding

seabean sarah holding

(La reseña en Español está en la parte inferior)

The manual of the C-Bean Mark 3 claims it is a standard Mobile Classroom, designed in Germany by Karla Ingermann and assembled in Brazil.

Why, then, did it arrive without any prior notice to the tiny island of St. Kilda, which has one single classroom of only six children?

Why, if the C-Bean has standard technology from the year 2018, no one has heard of it, let alone experienced its teleporting and virtual reality capabilities?

Alice, a ten year old girl living in St. Kilda becomes, by mere chance, the system administrator of the C-Bean and has all the privileges to use all the new 99 features of the product, but she really doesn’t know how to use them yet. Trying to use the C-Bean she lands herself and her friends in all kind of dangerous places.

To make things worse, the small community of St. Kilda is months away from being thrown out of their home by some Russian Oil Company who is about to buy the island to make an oil rig.

While desperately trying to raise a million pounds before May 1st to out-buy the island from the Russians, the people, and specially the children from St. Kilda, now have to deal with the C-Bean too.

And who is the mysterious gentleman who donated five hundred thousand pounds to help the islanders buy St. Kilda? What is his connection to the C-Bean?

What is the real story behind the new school teacher who is coming all the way from New York to substitute for Alice´s mother, the regular teacher?

What is “El Dorado” and how is it related to the C-Bean Technology?

Sarah Holding’s book is full of mysteries and action. Alice and her friends find themselves travelling around the world on the C-Bean, facing unknown dangers and probably a conspiracy that is bigger than themselves and the small island of St. Kilda.

Can six children, a dog, a parrot and a third generation teleporting-virtual-reality-super-know-all-computer-and-mobile-classroom outsmart a Russian Oil Company and possibly a global conspiracy?

Only one way to find out…

The SeaBEAN is a good book to keep your 10 year old entertained with a wonderful adventure that she would wish she could have. Don’t be surprised if at the end of the book, she says, “I wish we could have a C-Bean.” 

You can purchase your own copy at Amazon here.

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SeaBEAN por Sarah Holding

seabean sarah holding

El manual del C-Bean Mark 3 afirma que es un salón de clase móvil estándar, diseñado en Alemania por Karla Ingermann y ensamblado en Brasil.

¿Por qué, entonces, llegó sin ningún tipo de aviso previo a la pequeña isla de St. Kilda, que cuenta solamente con un salón de clases con seis niños?

¿Por qué, si el C- Bean tiene tecnología estándar del año 2018, nadie ha oído hablar de él, y mucho menos experimentado sus capacidades de teletransporte y realidad virtual?

Alice, una niña de diez años que vive en St. Kilda se convierte, por pura casualidad, en la  administradora del sistema del C-Bean y tiene todos los privilegios para utilizar las 99 nuevas  características del producto, pero realmente no sabe cómo usarlas todavía. Cada vez que intenta utilizar el C-Bean, ella y sus amigos acaban en todo tipo de lugares peligrosos.

Para empeorar las cosas, la pequeña comunidad de St. Kilda está a meses de ser expulsada de su casa por una empresa petrolera rusa, que está a punto de comprar la isla para hacer una plataforma petrolífera.

Mientras tratan desesperadamente de recaudar un millón de libras antes del 1º de mayo para rescatar su isla de los rusos, la gente, y en especial los niños de St. Kilda, ahora tienen que lidiar también con el C-Bean.

¿Y quién es el misterioso caballero que donó 500.000 libras para ayudar a los isleños a comprar St. Kilda? ¿Cuál es su conexión con el C-Bean?

¿Cuál es la verdadera historia detrás del nuevo maestro de escuela que ha venido desde  Nueva York para sustituir a la madre de Alice, la maestra regular?

¿Qué es ” El Dorado” y cómo se relaciona con la tecnología C-Bean?

El libro de Sarah Holding está lleno de misterios y de acción. Alice y sus amigos se encuentran viajando alrededor del mundo en el C-Bean, enfrentando peligros desconocidos y probablemente una conspiración que es más grande que ellos mismos y la pequeña isla de St. Kilda.

¿Pueden seis niños, un perro, un loro y una super-computadora-unidad-de-teletransporte-y-realidad-virtual-sabelotodo-de-tercera-generación-salón-de-clase-movil prevalecer sobre una empresa petrolera rusa y, posiblemente, una conspiración mundial?

Sólo hay una manera de averiguarlo…

SeaBEAN es un buen libro para mantener entretenido a tu hijo de 10 años con una maravillosa aventura que desearía poder tener. No te sorprendas si al final del libro, te dice: “Me gustaría que pudiéramos tener un C- Bean.”

Puedes comprar tu copia en Amazon aquí.

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