Hearing back from old friends



God blessed me with Publica tu eBook. Although it is not my full time job just yet, it has fabricated wonderful things for me.

I have met wonderful and interesting people and I have made friends from all over the planet.

I keep regular contact with the authors that are creating the future of literature today; we are interested in the same things, the same technologies and the same issues.

I get sent eBooks every week and I get to read them for free!

I can write about these books and both authors and the public in general actually read and comment my stuff.   

And I even make some bucks out of it! And soon enough, I will be making enough to make it my full time job.

What a dream!

I was thinking about all these things today as I read the kind email that my friend Bill Jenkins, from Your ESL Story Publishers Ltd., sent me this week.

I reviewed the first book from Bill back in March. You may read my review here. Bill writes really nice books for children trying to learn English as a Second Language, and he gives his books away for free! If you are interested in downloading his free eBooks, you can do so here.

Well, Bill, like most of my friends, does not know how to take a break: he has been writing and writing and writing since March and putting out new books. It turns out he was recently interviewed by the paper and he sent me his interview.

And he let me know that his books have my review on it!

For that and for all my friends, I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you for the books and the friends and the reviews and the money and the translations and all of it.

So I was not planning on making a Thanks giving post, but Bill made me do it!

Next Saturday we will get back to the reviews and there are some interesting books coming up!

In the meantime, again, thanks for reading me and being with me on this wonderful trip that is Publica tu eBook.




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